Virtual Realms

An independent Bangkok based game development studio.

About Us

Our mission is to bring genre-defining MMORPGs to mobile and tablet users everywhere.

We bring together talent and experience from across the globe to develop and publish our games. Passionate and MMOS and dedicated to free-to-play mobile gaming experiences, we’re focused on bringing truly immersive worlds to gamers wherever they are. We are 100% independent, successful and growing rapidly.


Create something amazing with us:

We are always looking for smart, talented game developers who share our vision! If, like us, you are passionate about the future of MMO gaming on mobile and want the chance to leave your mark, visit the careers page to find out more.


Warhammer: Odyssey – Official Teaser Trailer

Warhammer: Odyssey – Official Teaser Trailer

Warhammer: Odyssey – Official Teaser Trailer Watch the first Official Teaser Trailer of Warhammer: Odyssey – a fully featured free-to-play 3D MMORPG set in the iconic Warhammer Fantasy World. Developed and published by Virtual Realms. In this short video, we highlight some of the more memorable locations you will visit at you adventure through the…

Introducing Warhammer: Odyssey!

Introducing Warhammer: Odyssey!

Greetings Adventurer! We’re excited to announce the development of Warhammer: Odyssey, a fully featured mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) coming soon on Android and iOS devices. Darkness Looms Morrslieb the Chaos Moon grows large in the skies above the Old World, under it’s wicked visage doomsayers take to the city streets and those creatures…