Our Updates

Celtic Heroes Tides of Fate Update Released!

Player Feedback Changes

– Bounty Board Changes
All bounties now guarantee a drop of a bounty token, helping heroes towards their Pet / Battle Mount of choice.

– Fishing Balancing Changes
New increased rates at which mount and pet tokens are gained from sunken chests.
New increased drop rates of bear quest items from fishing.

– Boss Spawn Rate Increase
Boss spawn rates have now been increased (and windows decreased proportionately)
This means a 25% decrease to spawn time for Hrungnir, Mordris and Necro, 33% for Aggy.

– Boss Drop Rate Increase
Improved drop rates for higher tier loot items on Mordris, Necro, Hrungnir and Aggragoth!

– Boss Drop Removal
Removed Bandage Wounds Bracelets from Mordris loot table.

The team in our broader group boasts many years of MMO development experience

Titles such as Runescape, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Lord of the Rings Online and from companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Jagex, Turbine and Eidos Interactive. As players and developers we are inspired by classic open world MMORPGs such as Everquest and Ultima Online.