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Have you ever wanted to work on globally recognized fantasy IP?
Do you have a passion for MMOs or the Fantasy genre?
Does the idea of living in Bangkok, Thailand appeal to you?

If you answered yes, then, Virtual Realms is a great place for you to take your career to the next level! We’re entering an exciting phase of expansion and are looking for amazing talent to fill our ranks to work on an ambitious new MMORPG with one of the most recognizable fantasy IPs in video games!

We’re looking for someone with a knack for the unconventional to aid us on our path to innovative success. We encourage the sharing of ideas and passion for games. We’ll stop at nothing to bring the best MMO worlds to gaming on the go. So if you have the drive to build new and exciting experiences, join us!

Life in Bangkok


Whether you love kicking back and relaxing or spend your nights out on the town, Bangkok has something you’ll love! Get to know Thai culture as you ferry down the river to visit iconic temples and eat amazing food. Love amazing views? Visit one of the many rooftop bars and restaurants Bangkok has to offer for a night out. Don’t worry if you’re looking board gaming or gaming bars, in general, we have tons of those too.

Maybe you’re looking for a great workout, Bangkok is full of high-quality gyms. Honestly, you don’t even need a membership; almost every park in Bangkok has free weights and manual cardio equipment. Not to mention, the parks are an amazing escape to the urban jungle to kick back and relax!

Did we mention the food? Enjoy the best, most authentic Thai cuisine, you’ll have access to cuisines from all over the world. Bangkok has an amazing dining and craft cocktail/beer scene. Ask our Community Manager, she knows half the bar owners.

Not only will you have all these amazing experiences right outside your door, you’ll be a short (inexpensive) bus, train, plane away from world renown vacation spots! Take a weekend trip down to beautiful Phi Phi islands or check out the Full Moon party on Koh Samui. Travel a little further, Japan is only a 4-5 hour flight away.

We’ll always happy to answer any questions you have about life in Thailand. Don’t be afraid to reach out and apply today!

Project Manager

This is an important role within the company that combines planning, people management and scheduling, where the post holder will lead the companys overall Production and Project Management strategy for an exciting new MMORPG game with a huge globally known fantasy IP. Successful candidates will be responsible for setting Project Management standards and building the companys Project Management strategy, as well as managing daytoday operations within the development teams including planning, coordinating, scheduling and ensuring a quality of development projects. The Project Manager will manage communication between development departments and ensure that the project development resources are focused on the right areas. The role requires a thorough knowledge of Project Management, Team Leadership and games production processes.



  • Full responsibility for organizing and planning the development cycle including concept, pre-production, production, approval, quality assurance, code release and foreign translations;
  • Defining the milestones schedule and content and validating delivered key milestones in relation to the objectives;
  • Managing time efficiently by planning, task prioritization, coordination of internal and external resources, risk assessment, and pro-active problem solving;
  • Managing external/outsourced teams;
  • Ensuring that the highest quality work is produced within the parameters of the style set for the game and completed within the specified timescales;
  • Maintaining and ensuring adherence to the overall Project Vision;
  • Leading and motivating the team, ensuring that games development processes are followed;
  • Maintaining an open style of communication to foster the flow of creativity and innovation amongst the team.
  • Manages the communication between the different parties and ensures that the project development resources are focused on the right areas.
  • Familiarise and comply with the Company’s policies and procedures and any other relevant legislation.
  • Work in accordance with and contribute to the achievement of the Company Vision and Values.
  • Carrying out any other duties consistent with the post as may be required by the CEO and Director.


  • Expert knowledge of project management methods in small and large teams
  • Experience managing the full lifecycle of projects from pre-production to release
  • Excellent knowledge of industry standard project management tools and software including Jira and Confluence
  • Excellent English oral and written communication skills as well as good instructional skills
  • Excellent self-organization and self-motivation abilities
  • Passion for MMORPGs
  • Confident in leading individuals and teams to achieve the highest quality of production
  • Solid knowledge of the entire requirements of a game production
  • Project Management experience
  • Comprehensive understanding of the games industry
  • Able to lead, plan and prioritize workload
  • Able to delegate tasks to appropriate team members
  • Capable of working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines

Quality Assurance (QA)

As our Senior QA, you will lead the company’s efforts in bringing the highest quality of gameplay to our communities. You’ll construct and own the strategy to deliver the best to our players.


  • Develop comprehensive test plans and detailed test cases from documented game requirements
  • Create, edit, execute and maintain test cases on assigned projects
  • Build and Test on a variety of mobile platforms
  • Create detailed tracking reports to track errors and resolutions
  • Communicate frequently with production and development to ensure smooth workflow
  • Attend meetings to report work progress and critical issues
  • Mentor testers on the various development practices, and how they relate to quality assurance.
  • Perform directed ad-hoc testing on focused areas


  • Experienced in working with international teams and localized product
  • At least 3 years of game QA experience
  • At least 2 years of Mobile Games experience
  • Experience with automated testing
  • Technical understanding of development process and key components to facilitate defect detection and reporting
  • Knowledge of and experience with full-cycle software development and testing methodology
  • Experience in Client/Server Software Quality Assurance
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team-oriented environment or as an individual contributor
  • Fluent in Thai and very good in English language skills

Game Designer (Monetisation/Analytics/KPI)

As part of the Game Design team, you’ll be in a great place to develop your career, working on an MMORPG for mobile platforms, based on a huge, globally known fantasy IP. We’re open to candidates who have a strong background in analytics, KPIs and monetization, who can evaluate data, and design effective systems or content to measurably influence core KPIs such as retention, player behaviors and monetization.

  • Collect and analyse data using SQL queries and analytics tools
  • Visualise data to showcase results and present to stakeholders
  • Research changes in KPIs
  • Provide analysis of game functionality to target key KPIs
  • Know and understand the value of all areas of game monetization including core game engagement and onboarding
  • Develop and manage a calendar of offers, updates, and events
  • Design game features that monetize and re-engage players
  • Manage the pricing of virtual goods, and balance free vs. paid currency in the game economy
  • Review reporting of in-game metrics such as currency usage, earning and purchasing
  • Drive new initiatives for monetizing the customer base
  • Work with a team to analysts to propose new features and define, collect and analyse metrics
  • Define, collect and analyse real-time feedback and metrics to adjust or propose new features for our games
  • Understand the project’s needs as well as consumer needs, and ensure that the elements developed will meet expectations
  • Work across disciplines to make design an effective force in the game development process
  • Participate in meetings, reviews, and planning as part of effective communication with the team.
  • Liaise with software development and art teams to prototype, implement and refine new game features
  • Maintain an open style of communication to foster the flow of creativity and innovation
  • Create and maintain agile game design documentation
  • Carry out any other duties consistent with the post as may be required


  • Passion for making and playing fantasy MMO games
  • A minimum of 3 years game industry experience in game KPIs and monetization designing
  • Excellent English; in both written and verbal communication
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of the MMO genre
  • Understanding of mobile games and the mobile game industry
  • Strong SQL, mathematical and analytical skills
  • Experience in working with a live game environment
  • Ability to communicate complex and creative ideas
  • Self-motivated and able to plan workload appropriately
  • Strong work ethic, capable of working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines
  • Based in or willing to relocate to Bangkok, Thailand



  • Responsible for keeping the game up and running
  • Assist in the development of C# or C++ programmes on a variety of platforms
  • Have knowledge of Unity
  • Support for the development of 3D MMO games
  • Assist in Development programming for visually rich applications
  • Create and implement programming for game content
  • Develop new client and server gameplay content in C# in Unity and .NET
  • Work as part of a team to create and implement programming for game content
  • Document and share knowledge with the rest of the team


  • Must be interested in maintaining live servers and creating release builds, and how to make databases more efficient, be passionate about making MMO Games
  • Minimum of 3-5 years C# or C++ experience in professional games development is essential
  • Unity 3D knowledge a big plus
  • You must play and enjoy MMO Games and understand MMO game concepts and game mechanics
  • You relish a challenge and enjoy get stuck into difficult technical challenges and solving problems that others may find daunting
  • You’re decent with SQL. You know your inner from your outer joins, you’ll know that full table scans on huge tables are bad and how you can avoid them.
  • You’re not scared of infrastructure. You might not be a sysadmin, but given we’re a small team, it’s likely you’ll be deploying to or configuring production infrastructure at some point.
  • You’ll understand at least a little bit about Windows servers, firewalls, IIS, and MySQL instances.
  • A strong technical background is preferred
  • Education background in Computer Science, Maths, Physics or other science-related subjects, or equivalent commercial technical experience

Community Manager


  • Lead the community and customer support efforts from the company across all current and future titles
  • You’ll be responsible for creating content for and updating our social media, web and the forums from the point of concept to creation to execution
  • Develop and implement practical strategies to engage, retain and acquire new users
  • Be the point person for players to reach out to for game related support and inquiries
  • Develop systems, programs and events aimed to improve player retention and sentiment
  • Mentor and guide our customer support staff
  • Make sure customer support staff have the documents and tools necessary to complete daily tasks
  • Answer player support tickets, PM’s on social media, etc.
  • Understand and effectively communicate player feedback to the team
  • Offer your own feedback and suggestions to the design team
  • Research, pitch, on-board and manage any new tools for community or support teams


  • Passionate for games: you love games as much as we do and want to dive wholeheartedly into this industry.
  • Experienced in managing gaming communities
  • Player-savvy: you draw from your experiences to relate to player pain points to offer satisfying solutions
  • Empathetic communicator: you’re relatable and down-to-earth; you give off a “talk to me about anything” vibe and can break down complex conversations into common language.
  • Enthusiastic creator: you love creating and engaging with new ideas, concepts and designs.
  • Experience with UA, Marketing and PR are also big plus points
  • Fluent in spoken and written English, other languages are a nice bonus.

UI/UX Artist

Reporting to the Art Director, the UI/UX Designer takes ownership of UI features and drives them to completion. You can create user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, and effectively apply colour theory and design principles to craft visual designs with a high degree of polish. After delivering mock-ups and design specs, you are able to implement them directly in Unity with the help of the programmers and tech artist.

You are collaborative by nature and enjoy working with others to develop concepts and ideas. You see new challenges as opportunities to develop your own skills and keen to keep honing your technical ability and expertise. UI/UX Designer should be focused on user experience.


  • Work closely with the art director, designers and programmers to create a high-quality User Interface experience
  • Use Photoshop and Unity to create and implement User Interface
  • Utilize particle systems, shaders, and mesh effects
  • Creating a variety of UI elements including Icons, Mini-maps, HUD, and Menus


  • At least 2+ years professional UI Artist experience
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of layout design and usability principles
  • Ability to iterate and implement quickly without sacrificing quality
  • Knowledge of game production pipeline and 3d game engines
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Flash
  • Excellent grasp of typography and color theory
  • Actively seek feedback to improve work while also providing guidance and feedback to peers
  • You are familiar with Unity / and or game engines.
  • You have a creative nature with strong problem-solving skills.
  • Your ability to multi-task and prioritize work appropriately demonstrates your efficiency without compromising on quality.
  • You are a gamer who is passionate about video games and aspire to create worlds and environments that meet your own high expectations that you will enjoy to play. oral and written communication English skills as well as good instructional skills.
  • Excellent self-organization and self-motivation abilities.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for online games.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the games industry.
  • Aligns with Company Vision and Values.



  • Passion and enthusiasm for the job.
  • Highly self-motivated.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Focused approach with attention to detail.
  • Creative and innovative approach.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Positive can-do attitude.
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of the Company Vision and Values.
  • Highly efficient and produces the highest standard of work.
  • Able to accept and give constructive criticism
  • Willingness to mentor and share your skills and experience with other team members


  • Strong technical background with the ability to work in an agile environment and grasp new programs and systems quickly.
  • Experience in game engine environment setup
  • Interest and abilities in Game Design